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40 Yard Roll Off Dumpster

40 Yard Roll Off Dumpster

Our largest size in most markets, a 40 yard dumpster can accommodate both residential and commercial projects.

about the 40 Yard Dumpster

(20 feet long x 8 feet wide x 7 feet tall) – 14 pickup trucks


The largest dumpster offered is a 40-yard container. The eight-foot-tall sides make it difficult to dispose of junk on residential properties so you will see this dumpster size at commercial construction sites where the maximum amount of volume is needed for waste management. This is ideal for getting rid of large amounts of debris through renovations or new builds.

Common Uses

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"It is the first time I use a roll off dumpster service and I am very satisfied with the experience. Everything went without a glitch"

Dumpster Rental Houston

Choosing the correct roll off dumpster size is a good starting point when a project is on the horizon. The most common dumpster sizes available range from 15 cubic yards up to 40 cubic yards.

Dumpsters are named after the amount of volume in cubic yards. Example: A 30 yard dumpster holds 30 cubic yards of debris.

To help with the rental process, we have broken down the most common sizes available and compared them to pickup truck loads. Still unsure what size to get? Call our team and we will be happy to walk you through the process so you feel confident in your decision.

Is a 40 Yard Dumpster Right for My Project?

Whether you’re remodeling a store or decluttering your entire house, our 40 yard dumpster rental will simplify your cleanup. This size works for most large-scale jobs, including:

  • Full home remodels
  • Commercial demolition
  • Major declutteing jobs
  • Office building cleanouts

How Much Does it Cost for a 40 Yard Dumpster Rental?

Our dumpsters are priced by size and location of delivery. When you call, you’ll get a free quote that includes delivery, pick up, landfill fees, and taxes. Our standard rental period is 14-day, which covers most jobs. But if you need more time, we can extend your rental period for a low extension fee. The cost also includes a generous weight allowance. If you have particularly heavy material, let us know and we’ll go over your options to handle that type of waste.

Steps to Get Your 40 Yard Dumpster Rental

Step 1: Call Our Staff

Our knowledgeable and experienced team is standing by to hear from you. When you call, our service team member will go over your job specs to make sure you get the right sized dumpster for your project. You can get all your questions about scheduling, delivery, price, permitting, and pick up answered.

Step 2: Free Delivery

Our experienced operators will deliver your rental dumpster container promptly and on-time to your home or job site. We work with your schedule to get your dumpster to you when you need it.

Step 3: Load Up Your Junk

With easy access 24/7, you can load up your dumpster as you work. No more piling up trash waiting on a pick-up from a trash hauler. You can toss your debris easily to keep your work site clean and safe.

Step 4: Free Pickup

When your job is complete, give us a call to schedule your pick-up. Our operator will arrive on time, secure the container, and haul off your waste with no hassle to you.

How Do I Know What Size Dumpster Container I Need?

We have the experience and know-how needed to help you determine the right sized roll off container for your needs. We’ll take the time to review your project to help you figure out which dumpster is best for you. Our 15-yard dumpster is great for medium-sized construction projects, large spring cleaning jobs, bathroom updates, small roofing projects, and large yard landscaping jobs.

Weight Allowance for a 40 Yard Roll Off Rental

Our 40 yard container is the largest we offer and is great for those huge jobs that generate a significant amount of waste. A 40 yard roll off typically holds about 8,000 to 10,000 pounds. Your final weight will depend on the type of waste you’re tossing. When you call to order your dumpster, we’ll ask about the type of material you’re disposing of, and make sure that this big dumpster is the right size for your job.

what can dispose off

Permited Items

Not Permited Items

Need Help?

40 Yard Dumpster FAQ

In general, a dumpster does not need a permit if it is placed on private property. If it will be placed on a street and will impede traffic, you should contact your city’s building department to determine if a permit is needed. Further, some HOAs require specific permission for a dumpster delivery. Consult your bylaws to find out if there are restrictions on a rental dumpster.

Our 40 yard dumpster measures 8 feet wide and 24 feet long and is 8 feet tall. This means that our 40 yard roll off dumpster will not fit in a typical residential driveway. The dumpster can be delivered onto the street in front of your property instead of your driveway

Our huge 40 yard roll off dumpster hold 40 cubic feet, which is about 16 pick up truck-loads of waste. This equates to about 250 33-gallon trash bags full. We know it can be tough to know how big a dumpster you’ll need. We have years of experience working with homeowners, business developers, contractors, and landscapers. When you call, we’ll discuss your project and help you get the right size dumpster for you, without paying for what you don’t need.

A rental dumpster can handle typical household and construction debris. However, there are items that are prohibited because they are hazardous, flammable, or are not allowed in your local landfill. Examples include batteries, Freon-containing appliances, motor vehicle fluids, bio-medical waste, propane tanks, pesticides, hazardous chemicals, sealed drums, and tires. There may be other materials that are not allowed. Call us to discuss your options for disposal of prohibited items.

Our operator does not need to get a signature for delivery. We are able to deliver to your home or business without someone there to accept delivery. This makes it more convenient for you, as you don’t have to take off work or arrange for someone to be at your home all day, waiting on your dumpster delivery.posal.

If you know that you will need your rental dumpster longer than our standard 14-day rental period, just let us know when you order your dumpster. We can set a later pick-up date and will include extra days at a set rate of $15 per day. If you run into weather or construction delays, give us a call to delay your pick-up. Any delays that are not pre-scheduled will be charged extra fees for late pick-up.

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